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New Guest Added For Indylander 2008 - Indylander Convention [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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New Guest Added For Indylander 2008 [Apr. 2nd, 2008|06:33 am]
Indylander Convention


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The Indylander Staff is pleased to annouce the newest guest for Indylander 2008 is Lisa Howard.

Lisa Howard has graciously accepted our invitation to attend our event pending any other commitments.

Highlander fans know her as Doctor Anne Lindsey, the love interest of Duncan, during the series' 3rd and 4th seasons. Lisa has also been a part of shows such as Earth: Final Conflict, Suddenly Susan, and Days of Our Lives, just to name a few.

We are please to have her in attendance at our event.

For more Information on Lisa Howard. You can check her website at http://www.lisahoward.net

For more information about Indylander 2008 please go to http://indylander.tripod.com/