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Stan Kirsch Confirmed to Attend Indylander 2008 [May. 20th, 2008|11:49 pm]
Indylander Convention


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Yes that's right it's not your imagination, and your eyes aren't decieving you.

We were given the go ahead to annouce this earllier this evening

The Indylander 2008 Staff is pleased and happy to annouce that Stan Kirsch will be attanding Indylander 2008. Stan has graciously accepted our invitation to attend our event pending any other commitments.

Stan joins the fantatastic line up of other guests that we have coming to Indylander. Stan is our 6th confirmed guest. It will be great to have him in attendance as well.

This is not the last of the guest annoucements, There are more to come so stay tuned, you might just find more suprises ahead.