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Stan Kirsch Confirmed to Attend Indylander 2008 [May. 20th, 2008|11:49 pm]
Indylander Convention

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Yes that's right it's not your imagination, and your eyes aren't decieving you.

We were given the go ahead to annouce this earllier this evening

The Indylander 2008 Staff is pleased and happy to annouce that Stan Kirsch will be attanding Indylander 2008. Stan has graciously accepted our invitation to attend our event pending any other commitments.

Stan joins the fantatastic line up of other guests that we have coming to Indylander. Stan is our 6th confirmed guest. It will be great to have him in attendance as well.

This is not the last of the guest annoucements, There are more to come so stay tuned, you might just find more suprises ahead.
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Peter Wingfield Added To The Indylander 2008 Line Up Of Guests [Apr. 25th, 2008|01:21 pm]
Indylander Convention

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Yes that's right it's not your imagination
We were given the go ahead to annouce this early this morning.

So here it is. Pending any other professional commitments The Indylander 2008 Staff are pleased to annouced that Peter Wingfield will be attending Indylander

The 5000 year old Immortal himself. Peter has graciously accepted our invitation to attend Indylander.

Many highlander fans know Peter as Methos. But he has also been in films such as X-Men 2 and Catwoman. He is also known as Tanith from Stargate SG1 , Emerson on 24 , Marcus Becker on Smallville , Dr Daniel Clifford on Holby city , and many many others.

Peter will be joining the already incredible line up of other guests we have coming to Indylander. It will be great to have him in attendance as well.

He will not be the last guest we announce either. So stay tuned you might just find a suprise ahead.
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Indylander Registration Opens [Apr. 21st, 2008|03:45 am]
Indylander Convention

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Just want to psss on a few updates here about Indylander 2008.

The Registration for Indylander 2008 is now open. You can get to the registration page by clicking on the following url: http://indylander.tripod.com/register.html

So if you interested feel free to start registering to come to Indylander, because the sooner you register the better your seat will likely be.

All you have to do is fill out the form and then click on submit. All of it will then be submitted to us and we will reply to it with a total and everything needed to arrange payment. We also do have Paypal available as a payment method as well.

We will be processing them one by one as they come in to us. We will
then reply to you by the email you provide too. So make sure to include

If you don't receive a reply from us after a day. Let me know at my email address lstevens39@earthlink.net or you can let Matthew know at his usual email address matthewmacleod@hotmail.com

If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask either Matthew or myself

There are times where there tends to be mix ups or mistakes might have been made, but it still came in to us and or no way to reply. You will not lose your spot if this is the case. So please don't worry.

Also a quick note on the hotel rooms. We are hopefully getting a block of
rooms. Anyone who is wanting to get in on this block of rooms, can contact us. We
do have a better rate. Double rooms are limited too and a little
more. We need to see what everyone wants too. The rate is around 179$
for a King.

We are also going to hopefully be announcing a couple new guests this
coming week as several more contracts have been sent out, being checked
over and signed. The lineup is going to be good. We are sure everyone will be happy & suprised.

The Indylander Staff is now offering a chance to win TWO free tickets to Indylander.

That's right a contest for 2 frree tickets to Indylander

How do you win these tickets?

Well its very simple to do. All you have to do is simply fill out our contest form. It explains everything there. http://indylander.tripod.com/contest1.html

Here is what the winner will recieve:

You get 2 advance seat tickets, Concert tickets and Meet and Greet

Someone is going to get these. So it might as well be you.
So take the chance and go sign up you might just win them!

Matthew, Lisa and the rest of the Indylander 2008 Staff
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Indylander 2008 Registration Will Open On April 21st [Apr. 16th, 2008|06:56 pm]
Indylander Convention

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It's my pleasure to annouce that registration for Indylander 2008 will open on April 21st.
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2 More Guests Are Comfirmed For Indylander 2008 [Apr. 9th, 2008|09:53 am]
Indylander Convention

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You got it right. 2 more guests are now confirmred and will be coming to Indylander.

We the Indylander Staff decided to give you a little present. Rather than
waiting a week to announce the second of the two. We just decided to
go ahead and do it. I am sure you'll be happy.

So without further ado. We are pleased to announce that both Elizabeth Gracen and David Abramowitz are both confirmed and will be coming to Indylander! This is pending
any professional commitments on both accounts.

We are pleased to have them both in attendance.

Elizabeth has also graceously offered to hold her Fan Class for us
too. We will be working out the details of this soon. The class will
be limited to how ever many we can fit safely in the room we have
arranged. It is definately something not to miss.

Also on another note. Registration should begin in the next week or
so. We had to work out some fine details with what all we needed. I
am still trying to work on getting a better hotel room rate or block

But I will do my best to keep you updated on everything. Pending I
don't lose my mind first. LOL

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New Guest Added For Indylander 2008 [Apr. 2nd, 2008|06:33 am]
Indylander Convention

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The Indylander Staff is pleased to annouce the newest guest for Indylander 2008 is Lisa Howard.

Lisa Howard has graciously accepted our invitation to attend our event pending any other commitments.

Highlander fans know her as Doctor Anne Lindsey, the love interest of Duncan, during the series' 3rd and 4th seasons. Lisa has also been a part of shows such as Earth: Final Conflict, Suddenly Susan, and Days of Our Lives, just to name a few.

We are please to have her in attendance at our event.

For more Information on Lisa Howard. You can check her website at http://www.lisahoward.net

For more information about Indylander 2008 please go to http://indylander.tripod.com/
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Indylander 2008 [Mar. 12th, 2008|12:16 pm]
Indylander Convention

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Welcome to IndyLander 2008From all over the world we came.
Moving silently to surpass the cornfields
Living to cross Interstate 465
Struggling to get to the downtown area.
When the few who came.
Enjoyed themselves to the last.
No one ever expected this.
Till now..

Indylander 2008

A Highlander convention
in Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to our website for the first ever Highlander convention held in the Midwest. Highlander conventions have been held all over the world. From Vancouver, To England, To Australia. A few have been held on the west coast of the U.S. in Los Angeles and it has been over 10 years since there was a convention held on the East coast of the U.S.

Many can remember the conventions that were held in Denver too that started this craze. But there was never one held in the midwest U.S. So this is a bit of a compromise. What started as just a simple joke of where people would like to have a convention has actually turned out to be a reality now. After much talk and alot of planning. We are pleased to annouce and hold this convention in the midwest.

Had you asked the organizer 10 years ago if they ever thought they would be doing this. They would have thought you were crazy! But the fun times they have had throughout the years, and the incredible friendships they have made with many many people from all over the world has been worth it.

This now is a way to give back a bit and to help others create memories they can enjoy themselves for many many years. It may even bring new friends together. Or it could even bring back old ones who have lost touch.

We know other groups have held them for years. We are not trying to take anything away from them. We heard they were not going to hold one for a while and were tired. So while they take a chance to recharge themselves this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the waters for something new. And with all this in mind and alot less hair on our heads from planning. We proudly duck any swords and are pleased to bring you Indylander!!

- The Indylander Staff.

And now more about Indylander

It is my great honor and pleasure that I announce this..

You are probably wondering oh now what is he doing.
Heh.. Well you know me, so I'll just get to the point.

I've been working on putting this together for several weeks now with
several friends and colleagues involved. And here it is..

Indylander 2008


A Highlander convention held in the Midwest US.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Oct 3rd-5th 2008.

Registration is currently not open yet as we will open it later this
week (Hopefully). It will be limited to 300 people though. We wanted
to get this announced as soon as possible. So that everyone would
know, get excited more, and could start making their plans for it.

We will be having several celebrity guests in attendance too (Pending
any professional commitments as usual). We have worked out some deals
and will be working out more to make this one hell of a HL convention.

We are not trying to take anything away from HLWW. They have held
some great conventions. We know they were a little tired from having
cons and needed a break. This was talked about for a long time
before. So a few others and me have worked on this, stressed on it,
and finally put this all together for everyone now.

Several of the invited guest are ones that you all enjoy seeing, even
a couple who haven't been to one in a while. We will be announcing
each of them as things are finalized contract wise. With me knowing I
can only say wow.

But the first invited guest that we can already announce is that of
Mr. F Braun McAsh.

He has generously agreed to attend our event. He has also offered to
teach one of his knife classes too. This will be a limited class,
which cost a little extra so keep that in mind. Which we'll have more
information on this later.

We know several are attending jumpcons, other conventions and
gatherings for some. You'll have to decide now if you want to come to
this too. LOL But this is an all Highlander convention and event.
Something we know several have wanted and something that has never
been done in the Midwest. We hope you'll enjoy it all.

Indylander 2008.

Matthew MacLeod and the Indylander Staff
(can I fall over yet?)
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Supreme post of postiness [Jan. 1st, 2010|12:01 am]
Indylander Convention


When: Oct 3-5 2008
What: Indylander
Definition: A Highlander Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This post is made of awesomeness and win. It also proves that my co-mod lastevens and I aren't completely useless at this whole creating a community, thang.
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